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Wonderful flavors

I have tried three of the flavors and we love them! Heavenly Delight, Sea of Caramel Mocha, and Colombian. Next is Fancy Nancy's.

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Colombian Coffee
Smooth, Not bitter

smooth, not bitter, buttery flavor. excellent! plus a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Black Hills Raptor Center.

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Guatemalan Antigua – June 2019 Crop
Excellent Brew!

This cup of coffee is an excellent, flavorful cup of Guatemalan. You will not find a fuller body than this, which also spells COFFEE right up front!

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Costa Rican Dream

Ah, Costa Rica, beautiful beaches, lush jungles, friendly people, warm temperatures, and unlike Coloradans they know how to spell beach. Oh yeah and great dark soil, that gives their coffee beans a nice smooth start, middle, and finish. Very low bitterness, low acid, a good "bottom of the cup" cold. This is an excellent stand-in for Pacamara, maybe even a good sidekick. It also has a hint of nut, which I’m guessing comes from the shell. I finished a bag this morning and started Dave’s Fire Brew. Also an excellent coffee, it is like Costa Rican's milk chocolate and Dave’s is a dark chocolate; a little more panache. Yes indeed, quiet morning, fireplace, in my own thoughts, solving the world problems before I go off to work (and I use that term loosely) no IPad no iPhone, just I and Nancy’s wonderful beans.........


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Nancy’s Coffee – No comparison

Nothing like Nancy's Blue Willow Heaven of the Black Hills Kenya!

We made a mistake and purchased some Kenya from another food store here at home, and ended up tossing it out.


Yum Yum Yum! Macchiato Awakening is definitely my favorite flavored coffee. I bought it once awhile ago, but now it's hard not to get it with every order. We drink it with an almond milk french vanilla creamer and it's just a warm hug in the morning that always puts a smile on my face. For a second flavored favorite, I also highly recommend the Savory Mousse.

How To Choose The Best Coffee?
How To Choose The Best Coffee?
"Kenya" guess what I'm writing about?

Kenya guess what I'm writing about? First off the coffee did surprise me, I very much agree to the quality. In short, very smooth full body without having an acidic side tastes on the sides of your tongue; it also doesn't have a lingering after taste after each sip. I think this is a very good conversation coffee even when you get to the bottom of a 16 oz cup and the last two or three swallows are cold, which means it will make an excellent ice coffee. On the weekends I usually do a chocolate mix, ( 1/4 chocolate 3/4 coffee of choice) I am looking forward to the chocolate/Kenya blend. Good one to keep on your menu, the problem is there's getting to be too many good choices! Makes it tough, and I can't be sitting on my rear all day sippin' good Java, but I'm glad you're there for all your customers. We all need comforting times in our lives. Thanx.......B


I met Nancy last year at a festival and I've been addicted to her coffee ever since! I absolutely love this coffee. I've gotten my friends throughout the usa hooked.

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Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Sulawesi, no doubt an excellent bean. Very smooth, nice rich taste all the way to the last cool/ cold swallow. No bitterness, well worth it's price! I would pay the extra and I think people will like it well enough to spend extra, morning coffee is way to important. I'd put it right up the with Pac and PNG. It is amazing when given the opportunity to expand ones horizon or I would still be drinking DD. 🙂

Baren B.

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Decaf Coffee – Perfect!!
Perfect Decaf Coffee

I was delighted with the decaf coffee I received from Blue Willow Heaven! The richness of the coffee was perfect! It was smooth and flavorful. It's a definite auto-ship for me!


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Papua New Guinea

Kimel Papua New Guinea PB is a distinct, excellent cup of coffee. It has just enough bitterness, without acidic overtones. In comparison, Bolivia is a smooth coffee allowing your taste buds to go into a “comfort zone” after the first few sips; a very mellow cup. Bolivia coffee makes an excellent blender. Kimel Guinea, however, maintains that first sip intensity all the way to cold cup. It is definitely up there with El Salvador Pacamara. Barry

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Guatemalan Antigua

This coffee is by far the favorite in my household for an over-all coffee! Perfectly roasted darkness and bold flavor that my husband loves, yet smooth enough for me to enjoy! Erin

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Pacamara Heaven

If I could give this coffee 10 stars, I would! I've told Nancy on more than one occasion that this particular coffee is "my heaven"!! The aroma is so sultry and the taste is slightly sweet and earthy that it just puts me in the best of moods for the day. I truly savor each and every cup of this I make because I know that it is a specialty coffee and not always available. Erin

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Best Coffee Ever

We are exclusive to Blue Willow Heaven!!! We used to think nobody could make coffee as good as a famous commerical brand that shall remain nameless. And we never thought we'd switch. But, it only took one cup and we were hooked. The offering of blends and flavors and beans always makes it an adventure. When asked to pick a favorite, we can't do it. Each has a unique flavor and taste that is as good as the one we had before it. We even combine them and create our own blends. When we have company, they notice the difference. I make it at work and comments are constantly made about how yummy the coffee is. It is made with a passion and roasted to perfection. It is apparent that it is paramount that we are happy with our choice and our purchase. We will never "go back". We found the best with Blue Willow Heaven. Lorrie B.

Love your Coffee

I use to think all coffee was the same, until I tried Blue Willow coffee. I love the variety of roasts and flavors. I purchase several and keep them in the freezer until I grind it, and it always tastes fresh and so good. When I travel I take this coffee with me and even buy extra to give as gifts. I love this coffee. I will not drink any other if I can help it. Juanita

Rich and Flavorful
Fancy Nancy's Rainforest Crunch

Ah..... the delicious smell of brown sugar floats up to your nostrils when you open the bag of Fancy Nancy's Rainforest. You make your first cup, take the first sip of this delightful coffee, savoring the flavor of warm brown sugar. Ten seconds later your tongue acknowledges the second flavor of nuts, followed by the soothing taste of creams, rich and true. Lorrie

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Love, Love your coffee!
Love Your Coffee

I LOVE your coffee --- hubby and I are VERY partial to your True Light Mexican (Vanilla Nut). Very yummy and neither the vanilla nor the nut flavor are overpowering -- a great blend!
I would really like to see a Cappuccino flavor - both in regular and in decaf as we like to mix the 2 ... I drink straight decaf and hubby drinks regular but on weekends we compromise. Thanks! Deb

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Best Coffee Around!
Nothing beats this coffee

Yay my yummy coffee came today! We had to drink Starbucks for one day since we were out...and there is just no comparison to your coffee! 🙂 Meekin

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