Best Coffee Ever

We are exclusive to Blue Willow Heaven!!! We used to think nobody could make coffee as good as a famous commerical brand that shall remain nameless. And we never thought we'd switch. But, it only took one cup and we were hooked. The offering of blends and flavors and beans always makes it an adventure. When asked to pick a favorite, we can't do it. Each has a unique flavor and taste that is as good as the one we had before it. We even combine them and create our own blends. When we have company, they notice the difference. I make it at work and comments are constantly made about how yummy the coffee is. It is made with a passion and roasted to perfection. It is apparent that it is paramount that we are happy with our choice and our purchase. We will never "go back". We found the best with Blue Willow Heaven. Lorrie B.