Wonderful flavors

Well, I ordered four different flavors. Heavenly Delight (coconut) love it, Sea salt caramel mocha, the whole family loves it, and a classic Colombian the hubby and I enjoyed it immensely- such rich, beautiful flavors I don’t even have to add creamer. I used to think that’s how you got flavor. I am excited to try Fancy Nancy’s but I need to finish a couple first. At this rate, I will be trying that one soon! thank you for the amazing tasting coffee!


Colombian Coffee

smooth, not bitter, buttery flavor. excellent! plus a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Black Hills Raptor Center.

Guatemalan Antigua – June 2019 Crop

Friends came to visit from Michigan, and they are also very active coffee drinkers ( three times a day). They enjoyed the Guatemala Volcano as did we. We were all in agreement that it is a full body with a slightly stronger bitter to it which ones taste buds, at the sides of your tongue, adjusted to an excellent, consistent level after the initial sip. This brew said COFFEE right out of the gate, which also lasted to the end for the cold test. In my opinion, that whole region has the best soil and produces superior beans…..two thumbs up.

Barren B.

Nancy’s Coffee – No comparison

I wanted to share another “not” Nancy coffee experience. The post office was taking its sweet time to deliver coffee this time, and we only had enough coffee left to get us to Sunday. So when we went to town Saturday morning to shop, I figured we better get a little of something just in case it was not delivered later that day. We saw that a particular store had a Kenya blend and we purchased a small bag for backup. When we got home your coffee was delivered, thank goodness!!! Well, this morning I said to my husband that maybe we should drink this Kenya first before opening Nancy’s coffee. Bad idea! Took one sip, threw it out and made yours. No comparison!!! Now I am back to my happy place with a yummy cup of awesome from the Black Hills! 🙂

How To Choose The Best Coffee?

Kenya guess what I’m writing about? First off the coffee did surprise me, I very much agree to the quality. In short, very smooth full body without having an acidic side tastes on the sides of your tongue; it also doesn’t have a lingering after taste after each sip. I think this is a very good conversation coffee even when you get to the bottom of a 16 oz cup and the last two or three swallows are cold, which means it will make an excellent ice coffee. On the weekends I usually do a chocolate mix, ( 1/4 chocolate 3/4 coffee of choice) I am looking forward to the chocolate/Kenya blend. Good one to keep on your menu, the problem is there’s getting to be too many good choices! Makes it tough, and I can’t be sitting on my rear all day sippin’ good Java, but I’m glad you’re there for all your customers. We all need comforting times in our lives. Thanx…….B

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Sulawesi, no doubt an excellent bean. Very smooth, nice rich taste all the way to the last cool/ cold swallow. No bitterness, well worth it’s price! I would pay the extra and I think people will like it well enough to spend extra, morning coffee is way to important. I’d put it right up the with Pac and PNG. It is amazing when given the opportunity to expand ones horizon or I would still be drinking DD. 🙂

Baren B.

Decaf Coffee – Perfect!!

I was delighted with the decaf coffee I received from Blue Willow Heaven! The richness of the coffee was perfect! It was smooth and flavorful. It’s a definite auto-ship for me!