Iced Coffee Recipes

After many nights of experimenting, I have found that the key ingredient to an excellent slush is the amount of ice you use. I have tried anywhere from one cup to two cups of ice and everything in between. For me, my slushes turn out great with 1 1/2 cups of crushed ice. (Makes a large 16-20 oz. serving or 2 8 – 10 oz. serving.)

My favorite coffee to use in a slush is the Papua New Guinea or El Salvador Pacamara bean. I find I can pick out the Pacamara bean flavor whether I’ve made it or someone else made it for me. It is not an espresso, but it certainly gives one that unique coffee “to-die-for flavor” in a slush.

If you wish follow me on Pinterest as I’ll be adding more iced recipes. I still have yet to try the Chocolate Mint coffee with mint chips or mint covered espresso beans.


Nancy’s Favorite Coffee Recipes


Various recipes I’ve compiled over the years. Download and enjoy! Email ( me and let me know how they turn out.