Costa Rican Dream

Ah, Costa Rica, beautiful beaches, lush jungles, friendly people, warm temperatures, and unlike Coloradans they know how to spell beach. Oh yeah and great dark soil, that gives their coffee beans a nice smooth start, middle, and finish. Very low bitterness, low acid, a good "bottom of the cup" cold. This is an excellent stand-in for Pacamara, maybe even a good sidekick. It also has a hint of nut, which I’m guessing comes from the shell. I finished a bag this morning and started Dave’s Fire Brew. Also an excellent coffee, it is like Costa Rican's milk chocolate and Dave’s is a dark chocolate; a little more panache. Yes indeed, quiet morning, fireplace, in my own thoughts, solving the world problems before I go off to work (and I use that term loosely) no IPad no iPhone, just I and Nancy’s wonderful beans......... B