Nancy’s Coffee – No comparison

Nothing like Nancy's Blue Willow Heaven of the Black Hills Kenya! We made a mistake and purchased some Kenya from another food store here at home, and ended up tossing it out.

I wanted to share another “not” Nancy coffee experience. The post office was taking its sweet time to deliver coffee this time, and we only had enough coffee left to get us to Sunday. So when we went to town Saturday morning to shop, I figured we better get a little of something just in case it was not delivered later that day. We saw that a particular store had a Kenya blend and we purchased a small bag for backup. When we got home your coffee was delivered, thank goodness!!! Well, this morning I said to my husband that maybe we should drink this Kenya first before opening Nancy’s coffee. Bad idea! Took one sip, threw it out and made yours. No comparison!!! Now I am back to my happy place with a yummy cup of awesome from the Black Hills! 🙂